4 steps ahead of other children, amazing feat achieved by a 12 year old Indian student in the US, you will salute him


New York. A 12-year-old boy of Indian origin is going to create history by passing 12th in America. This teenager named Suborno Bari will create history by becoming the youngest student of Long Island to pass 12th. Suborno Bari has also written two books and has also given lectures in a university in India. Now he is going to study Math and Physics at New York University (NYU). According to a report in the New York Post, Suborno Bari will become the youngest student to pass 12th from Long Island High School next week.

It was told that Suborno Bari is a child prodigy who joined class 8 from class 4 and then joined class 12 from class 9, making him the youngest student to complete class 12 from Malvern High School. He will enter New York University with a full scholarship and will study physics and mathematics. Suborno Bari, a resident of Lynbrook, has written two books and has also taught at an Indian institute. He is all set to receive his diploma from Malvern High School on June 26.

Suborno wants to become a professor
His chemistry teacher Patrick Nolan told the media that we have some smart kids and we have sent some kids to Princeton and Harvard. We have sent some of the best students to some of the best schools and Suborno is a unique case. Suborno said that ‘I want to help people around the world understand math and science. He said that my goal is to become a professor and try to help people who need good resources.’ He has already taught science to other students.

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Barack Obama also wrote a letter
Suborno also received a signed letter from former President Barack Obama on his fourth birthday. Suborno’s father Rashidul Bari said, “We were wondering how President Obama came to know about Suborno.” His mother Shaheda Bari said, “He was always one step ahead and then I talked to my husband and said he is different. He is not like other children.” This talented child wrote a book called ‘The Love’ at the age of seven, in which he imagined a world without terrorism and taught physics at Mumbai University.

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