20 robbers and 1 guard… robbed the shop in minutes, disappeared with gold and diamonds worth crores


Viral News of Loot: 20 robbers looted an Indian jewellery shop in America. This robbery was no less than a scene from a film. They emptied the entire shop in about 3 minutes. The entire incident was recorded in the CCTV cameras installed in the PNG Jewellers store in Sunnyvale, California. All the robbers were wearing masks. All the robbers broke the door of the shop and entered inside. The video of the robbery is going viral on social media.

After watching the video of the incident, it was found that there was a guard at the gate, who was taken over by the robbers. After going inside, the robbers divided themselves around the store and then everyone started breaking the jewellery desks one by one. Looking at the footage, it seemed as if everyone was assigned their own desk. There was already a robber at each desk, who was breaking the glass and putting the looted items in the backpack.

The CCTV video is going viral. According to the footage, the entire incident lasted less than three minutes. According to local media, his mannerisms suggest that he was familiar with the layout of the floor, as he must have surveyed the store closely before launching the hit.

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