185 drones, 110 ballistic and 36 cruise missiles… Iran’s attack on Israel causes panic


New Delhi. Ever since the Israeli air strike on Iran’s bases in Syria, there were fears of something big happening in West Asia. Now this fear has come true. Iran attacked Israel with dozens of drones and missiles. However, Israeli military officials have claimed that only one military base has suffered minor damage. Media reports say that a girl has been injured. On the other hand, according to another report, Iran attacked Israel with 185 drones. Along with this, 110 ground-to-ground missiles were also fired by Tehran. There is also talk of firing cruise missiles.

According to the report of ‘New York Times’, Iran attacked Israel with 185 drones. Apart from this, 110 ground-to-ground and 36 cruise missiles were also fired. This filled the skies of Israeli territory. Looking at the video in the media, it seems as if fireworks are going on. According to the report, most of the missiles and drones were fired from Iran itself, while some missiles were also fired from Iraq and Yemen. As soon as the information of the Iranian attack was received, Western countries came forward to protect Israel. US President Joe Biden said that almost all the missiles and drones fired by Iran were deactivated.

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Citing Israeli officials
The ‘New York Times’ has quoted two Israeli officials in its report. These officials say that a total of 331 drones and missiles were fired towards their country. Of these, 185 were drones, 110 were surface-to-surface missiles and 36 were cruise missiles. Let us tell you that cruise missiles are very dangerous in terms of lethality. They are more capable of destroying their targets. State-of-the-art technology is used in this.

We are seriously concerned – India
India has very good relations with both Iran and Israel. In such a situation, India has expressed serious concern over the military confrontation between Tel Aviv and Tehran. India has urged to stop the confrontation immediately. India requested that both the countries should find a solution to their problems through diplomacy instead of resorting to violence and confrontation. New Delhi said that the latest development has posed a threat to peace and security in the region.

(Input: Neeraj Kumar)

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